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After many years of researching my family geneaology I have been lucky enough to discover actual information about my relatives that lived in the Pilgrim Era and the Pioneer Era- while many people also have realtives from those eras- many do not know their names or where they lived- actually seeing the proof in print makes you much more aware of who they really were.
After discovering these relatives it of course made me curious to learn more about the eras that they lived in and what their lives were like as, the history I learned in grade school had long since been forgotten.
I decided to start this blog for others who are also interested in these eras.
Some of the information here will be actual facts about my realtives and some will be information about the eras in general that I have found on the web.
I hope you will enjoy traveling back in time with me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Sad Situation That Opened My Eyes

Today as I was leaving the Market where I sell my candles and craft items, and feeling disappointed because sales had not been what I hoped for, another vendor stopped me and asked if I knew where the homeless shelter was in town. I saw that she was talking to a young man in his 20's that was clean & dressesd as well as the rest of us.I assumed that he wanted to volunteer or make a donation to the shelter. I started asking him if he knew where some businesses were in town so that I could help him find the shelter. He did not know where any of them were so my husband stepped in and gave him directions.
We went out the door and was almost to our truck when my vending neighbor came up to me & asked us to give him the directions to the shelter- he said" we have to get this young man something to eat".
I stood there and looked at him for a minute before reality set in. I said is that young man that wanted the directions homeless? The answer was yes- someone had told him we had been serving breakfast that day and he had come in looking for food.

I have just emailed the vendor to see if he did indeed get this young man to the homeless shelter.
I have not been able to stop thinking about him.
Several times over the past 10 years since my husband's illness I have many times wondered how I was going to pay for necessity items but somehow have always managed to do so. Many times I have been sad & sometimes bitter about this.
Today as I have thought about this young man having no home, or food to eat I have realized how fortunate I really am even though I do not have a lot of expensive fancy things.
When I sit down to eat my supper tonight and go to sleep in my nice, warm bed I will pray that the young man did indeed get some help & thank God for what I do have.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

So many times we can say, "But for the grace of God..." I sure hope this young man found the shelter. He, and other's like him, are especially needing our prayer and support. Thank you for the gentle reminder to count our many blessings.

nancy huggins said...

It is sad Deb when you actually talk to someone in that situation and it does make you realize what you have. It bothers me even more when I hear about something like this and then talk to a friend on the phone to hear about all the expensive gifts she has bought....and if we took some of that money and tried to help someone in need it would be much more appreciated.
It is a shame that we have so many homeless and hungry people in this country yet every time you turn around their is another commercial on T V asking or telling us about other countries that need help from the U S...what about the people here in our country and even in our own town...makes you wonder...doesn't it?

Sharon/primthyme said...

Bless you !!
Thank you for sharing !!
So many times we are just to busy to see the little Blessing & reminders God has sent us !!
Prim hugs & blessings !!

Terri said...

Sometimes we need a strong dose of reality to be thankful for our many blessings. I hope he found the shelter, and a pair of open arms to help him get back on his feet. May God bless that young man.

Idaho Quilter said...

We must all count our blessing each day. I recently lost some of my income, I didn't even get upset because at least I still have an income, unlike so many in these times. And like you I still have a warm meal every night and a warm bed.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, how sad that poor thing was homeless. I am glad your town has a shelter and that the other vendor and you and your hubby helped. Times are very hard for some of our citizens, and I do think harder times are coming -- one reason that your sales were not too good I believe is that so many have lost jobs or are underemployed if at all. I do hope they pick up.

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