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After many years of researching my family geneaology I have been lucky enough to discover actual information about my relatives that lived in the Pilgrim Era and the Pioneer Era- while many people also have realtives from those eras- many do not know their names or where they lived- actually seeing the proof in print makes you much more aware of who they really were.
After discovering these relatives it of course made me curious to learn more about the eras that they lived in and what their lives were like as, the history I learned in grade school had long since been forgotten.
I decided to start this blog for others who are also interested in these eras.
Some of the information here will be actual facts about my realtives and some will be information about the eras in general that I have found on the web.
I hope you will enjoy traveling back in time with me!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Chance for Sweet Annie

SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON!Thanks for all the orders!
With in the next week the Sweet Annie will be gone- if you want some you need to order quickly.
5.00 per bundle- 3.00 shipping
Order by email prairieprim@comcast.net


Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I can certainly vouch for your Sweet Annie -- it holds its fragrance beautifully and is very strong, and doesn't disintegrate like some bundles do -- plus you send a big bundle!!!

Trish-Ladybug said...

Love Sweet Annie.. Do you Sell it
would be interesed know your
prices, Great Photos


Burnt Woods Creator said...

I would like to order 4 bundles. I think I just got some from you but I want more. More is better in this case.

Debra said...

Burnt Woods- I have sent an email to you!

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